Calf Lodge with Front




The calf lodge with Front has been designed so that they can be lined up in a row to allow easy management and allowing the young calf interaction with others.

Easy access will help tend your cattle. The feeder holes can be fitted with buckets as shown.

As our  Agriboard is non-absorbent, the risk of disease build up and carry over from calf to calf is greatly reduced. Solway products has chosen Agribord as it is extremely safe for the calf because recycled plastic is resistant to bacteria and is very easy to clean.

Easily steam cleaned and pressure washed. Ease of giving calves their milk and water. A bucket holder on inside of back door – keeps concentrates and compound feeds dry. The front feeding area gives the calf some room to feed but reduces spills.

Easy back door access lets the farmer easily inspect the calf within the lodge and change straw bedding easily when required.


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