3 Ewe Lamb Adopter




Built with 100% recycled agricultural plastic, the Solway 3 Bay Lamb Adopter holds up to three ewes and lambs in secure, draft free comfort, proved highly cost effective during on farm trials. Feedback from the lamb adopter purchasers continues to be excellent.

The diameter of the 3 ewe lamb adopter is 2.95m and comes out 2m from the wall it is against.

Ewes and lambs are easily seen in this extremely easy to build, dismantle and keep clean.

Supplied with bucket holders and buckets the Solway 3 Ewe Lamb Adopter improves survival rates for weak lambs by having a safe area to either side of each ewe and optional holders for heat lamps.

The 3 ewe lamb adopter has the specific advantage of allowing fostering lambs to different ewes as the Ewe’s may be contained safely and comfortably at the outside of the adopter pens.

The recycled plastic 3 ewe lamb adopter has the added benefits of low maintenance it will not require weather treatment, non absorbent is highly hygienic which reduces any risk of infection or disease with your lambs. The recycled plastic is extremely strong and will withstand biting from a lamb.


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