Pig Arcs

Solway Recycling produces a range of recycled plastic pig arks for sale. Solway eco pig arks can be built in a range of colours to blend in with your surroundings either the pig ark plastic can be black, red or green. Solway recycled plastic arks are extremely durable and will withstand the harsh treatment that your pigs will dish out. Other options for your pig ark is having it built with or without a floor or a door. The pig ark dimensions can be 5ft by 4ft, 8ft by 4ft, 8ft by 6ft or 8ft by 8ft. The opening on a Solway pig ark is varied and we have options for Kune Kune pigs.

All of Solway Recycling Pig Arks are built on site and made from 100% recycled plastic they are made to order and hand crafted so they suit your pigs requirements exactly.

For further information on any of our pig arks then click the text or picture of the size that you require to read further or buy any of the Solway pig arks online.

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